The are lots of bad hombres out there. Scammers all over the world make it their business to steal your personal information. Such information can be anything as pedestrian as your name and phone number to highly important data like your social security and credit card numbers. They do this by sending malicious emails or constructing fallacious websites in an attempt to betray you and your computer’s trust. It’s very easy to fall into their traps. Calm Computing has seen scammers impersonating relatives, the police, and Microsoft employees among others.

Calm Computing can install defensive software to shore up your computer’s defenses. We can give group or individual tutorials which will help you better identify scams, malicious software, and insecure websites. Our experts can explain the importance of creating strong passwords, maintaining security features of your operating system, and how to send secure emails.

Have you already been contacted by a scammer? We can help remediate any damage done to your computer. Calm Computing technicians can uninstall software, remove viruses, and clean your computer. If necessary, we can remove and sanitize your data, empty your hard drive, and reinstall your operating system and files.