Our History

Calm Computing was founded in 2012 to provide technical support and solutions to commercial and residential clients across Western Massachusetts. We know all of the technical lingo so you don’t have to. We strive to be as transparent as possible throughout the entire process and never talk down to you.

We have an extensive background in technology, training, and troubleshooting; and are known for being creative thinkers, who work on tight deadlines to give you the fastest results possible while maintaining the thoroughness and completeness you expect and deserve. Your satisfaction is of our utmost importance.

For Your Work

We identify the best technologies to fit your goals and budget. We then ensure those technologies continue to work well into the future.
At Calm Computing we will sit down with you and your organization to listen to your specific needs and discuss how we can best serve you. Our support is custom tailored to what you need and not what you don’t. Our specialties include assisting you to be more productive, efficient, and cost-saving. We can aid you in upgrading your (wireless) network, servers, computers, software, improving your backup system, installing a new voip phone system, instructing on new software, updating your website or creating a new one.

For Your Home

We are here to help you, first and foremost. That’s why we enjoy working with you in the comfort of your own home. In this relaxed atmosphere we are able to solve any technology related issue quickly and answer any question you may have.
In addition, we provide one on one tutoring for any technology topic you are looking to learn more about. In working with us you will find that we are some of the most patient people you will meet. No question is too simple. No question is ever bad. We believe that anyone who wants to learn should be able to and if we need to take the extra time to explain something a few times, in a few different ways, we will.

On-Site or In-Home

Whether you own a business and need us to come assist you with your technology on-site or want us to make a visit to your home we will be there.

Remote Support

Our Calm Computing Remote Support Center allows us to rapidly assist you with any problem you may encounter. Whether it be performing routine maintenance, virus removal and security, helping you adjust settings or solving a “simple” question we make it fast and easy.

Specialized Support

Calm Computing experts can help you with your industry’s specialized software. Our technicians have over a decade of experience with using and maintaining construction and engineering software packages such as AutoCAD from Autodesk.

Our Clients

Our client list includes a wide range of
people and professions including:

•  Insurance Agencies
•  Medical and Healthcare Professionals
•  Fire and Police Stations
•  Accounting Firms
•  Law Offices
•  Political Organizations
•  Property Maintenance Owners
•  Restaurants
•  Non-Profit Organizations
•  Small Business Owners
•  Schools and Summer Camps

•  IT Departments
•  Conferences
•  Artists
•  Farmers
•  Musicians
•  Educators
•  Home Users
•  Publishing Companies
•  Contractors and Construction
•  Retirees