Many of our customers started with a simple desktop PC hosting common files. Printers were plugged into whichever computer happened to be closest. Simple as they are, these arrangements were always in flux. Desktops had to be left on all day to make their printers available. Users were wary to use anyone else’s computer because their files would not be available to them. And crucial data was not frequently backed up.

Calm Computing has helped many businesses in this situation expand to a more appropriate server-based network. Files are kept on a centralized server and regularly backed up. Every printer can be made available to any user including those working remotely. Files can be read from any computer. Certain files can be secured and visible to a select number of users. Server-based networks are much more efficient, easier to maintain, and less likely to fail. Calm Computing can design and roll-out a server infrastructure tailored to your business with as little downtime as possible.

Calm Computing can also maintain existing server-based networks. We can audit hardware and software, make upgrade recommendations, and be on-call to fix issues as they come up.