Depending on the needs of your business it might be advantageous to outsource the IT for your organization. A full-time IT specialist is often not a financially possible option for smaller and medium businesses or those who need an IT professional a limited number of hours a week. It can be hard to find an individual who has the knowledge and expertise needed to fulfill the needs of your business. Your IT specialist might be skilled in some areas and weak in others. This often means an employer will need more than one IT specialist on staff to meet all of your business’ technological needs which can quickly become costly.

Unlike hiring a full-time in-house IT professional you will not have to:

  • Locate qualified employee(s)
  • Train these employees to ensure they are up to date on the ever-changing technology
  • Provide ample work space and access to equipment and funds
  • Provide the required tools such as computer, phone, internet access, etc.
  • Pay for all the equipment used to do their job

The cost aspect is one of the biggest factors that makes it so popular for businesses — most companies can actually save money long term because they are paying for IT services only when they need it, rather than paying for an employee who may or may not be dedicated to IT work at all times while on the clock. Not to mention there’s no insurance or retirement benefits needed to be offered or paid out. Lastly, when your IT professional goes on vacation, is out sick, or unavailable who are you to turn to?

This is where we come in.

At Calm Computing we offer outsourced and managed IT catered to your specific needs.

We offer a set block of pre-paid hours each month where we will perform preventative maintenance, maintain your network infrastructure, servers, workstations, other network attached devices, and address technology related issues as they arise along with perform preventative, proactive, and reactive measures. The number of hours in this plan can scale up and down with your needs and requirements.