Mobile computing is a major component of our connected lives. It’s difficult to get work done, talk with the grandkids, and/or post to Instagram when your device is misbehaving. Calm Computing employees are intimately familiar with old and new iDevices, Androids, Windows Phone, Microsoft Surface and even a little Blackberry. We can diagnose your problems and get you back up and running in no time.

Thinking about getting a new phone or tablet? Calm Computing experts can help you find the perfect model for you. When it arrives, we can transfer all your data and can responsibly dispose of your old device or wipe it and prepare it for donation.

Services include:

  • Selecting a device
  • Choosing accessories
  • Initial setup
  • Transfer data
  • Wifi and 4G connection
  • Personalization
  • Software installation
  • Regular updates
  • Tutorials
  • General troubleshooting