Is your machine running slower than you remember? Do you spend more and more time waiting for webpages to load or programs to start? Over time, hard drives can fill up and become fragmented. New software can install background programs which might not be needed but consume resources. Unnecessary programs can be set to run at startup or on a schedule leaving a smaller and smaller portion of the processor for you to use. In extreme cases, malicious software can steal your power and redirect it towards nefarious means. Calm Computing can help.

Our technicians can run specialized software to remove temporary files and root out unwanted software and processes. We can scan for and remove malicious software. In addition, we can open up your computer’s case and evict dust bunnies which may be causing loud fans or overheating chips. In most cases, a cleaned out computer can feel completely new.

Maybe cleaning isn’t enough. Maybe you have a damaged fan, too little memory, a slow hard drive, or an older version of your operating system. Calm Computing can find where your machine is bottlenecked or malfunctioning and upgrade your hardware or software without disrupting your data.