Your data is everything. Photos, financial documents, music, and home movies are all irreplaceable. Calm Computing offers multiple ways to protect your data, transfer it between computers, and recover it if the worst happens.

Your data can be secured by backing up to multiple locations. A local backup can take the form of a second hard disk or a plugin flash drive. These allow for quick setup and quick restores. Cloud backups can provide further safety by securely keeping your data off-site; protected from theft and fire. A backup solution can be tailored to you and set to run automatically in the background.

When it comes time to upgrade to a new computer, Calm Computing can find all your data on your old machine and transfer it to your new machine. Everything will be right back in its place. We can even give you a second copy of your data to keep as a backup.

If the unthinkable happens and your computer is damaged or lost, Calm Computing can help recover your data. If you’ve been keeping backups, we can recover everything quickly to get you back up and running. If backups aren’t available, we can attempt to recover your data directly from your hard drive in our lab. Failing that, we can send your device for a forensic recovery by the experts.