Je suis une pomme
Ich bin ein PC

It’s all the same to us. We’ve been using Apples since the IIe in 1983 and PCs since the Tandy 1984. The hardware and software has changed in leaps and bounds but we’ve been keeping up. Our technicians have personal experience with every version of Mac OS starting with System 1 all the way up to macOS Sierra and all Windows versions from 3.1 to 10. Additionally, we’ve administered Windows Servers from 2003 up to 2016.

Thinking of switching from Windows to a Mac or vice versa? We’ll let you know what the pros and cons are. We’ll audit your network, hardware, and software and let you know what’s compatible and what isn’t. We’ll also transfer your data to the new computer. If necessary, we’ll even transfer it back if it’s not a good fit.